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San Fernando Juvenile Crimes Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Juvenile Crimes in San Fernando

A juvenile crime may be any offense committed by an individual who is a minor. Some offenses, such as truancy, curfew violations, and underage drinking, are based on the fact that the offender is under the age of 18. However, juveniles may be involved in other crimes that would be criminal offenses for anyone, regardless of their age, such as drug crimes, DUI, robbery, assault, petty theft, weapons charges, gang crimes, carjacking, and even manslaughter or murder. These are crimes of juvenile delinquency.

If a juvenile is convicted of a crime, it can damage a young life, adversely impacting potential educational and career opportunities later on. If you are the parent of a child facing a juvenile crime charge in the San Fernando area, it is crucial that you speak to a juvenile crimes defense attorney at our firm without delay. Let an experienced criminal defense lawyer examine the circumstances of your child's case to determine the best legal strategy for protecting his or her rights and interests. Don't make the mistake of thinking that, because your child is underage he or she will face few legal repercussions. Juvenile crimes, especially those involving gang activity, are taken very seriously by southern California law enforcement and local prosecutors.

Juvenile Crimes in San Fernando

If a juvenile is convicted of a crime in juvenile court, he or she may face the prospect of probation, being placed in foster care or a group home, incarcerated in a county juvenile camp, or possibly being sent to Youth Authority, which is a division of the Juvenile Justice system, as a ward of the state. If a juvenile is tried in an adult court because of the seriousness of the offense, he or she may be sentenced to the Department of Corrections or remanded to Youth Authority until the age of 24.

Talk to a San Fernando juvenile crimes defense lawyer at our firm to find out what can be done to effectively defend your son or daughter involved in a juvenile crime.

Is your child facing a juvenile crime charge in the San Fernando area? Contact our firm today!

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