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San Fernando Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex Crime Lawyer in San Fernando

A sex crime may be described as any activity involving sex that is criminal in its intent and commission. Examples of sex crimes include rape, statutory rape, date rape, prostitution, pandering, indecent exposure, lewd conduct, child molestation, sexual battery, sexual abuse, and possession and distribution of child pornography. If you live or work in the San Fernando area and you are under investigation or have been charged with a sex crime, please contact a sex crimes defense lawyer at our firm without delay for a consultation about your case.

Our legal team of highly-respected and experienced criminal defense attorneys has effectively defended hundreds of individuals facing criminal charges, including those involving a sex offense. When you retain the services of a San Fernando sex crimes defense attorney at our firm, you will be working with one of the most outstanding law firms in the country. We have been consistently recognized as a Preeminent Law Firm, which places us in the top 5% of U.S. firms. We can offer superior service, extensive experience, and a dedication to excellence that sets us apart. Our attorneys provide aggressive and thorough representation, the kind you need when facing a sex crime charge.

Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction

Sex crimes are heavily prosecuted by law enforcement personnel. If you are convicted of a sex crime, you face imprisonment, steep fines, probation, community service, court-ordered counseling, restitution, and possible mandatory registration as a sex offender. If you are required to register as a sex offender, this social stigma will follow you wherever you go. Future potential employers, neighbors, and others may access this information about you, negatively impacting your life.

Because of the serious consequences of a sex crime conviction, it is crucial that you acquire competent and skilled legal representation. By talking to a San Fernando sex crimes defense attorney at our firm, you will be taking a positive step in helping to achieve the best outcome possible for your case.

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